Quick questions to ask your removalist

Choosing a mover can be a minefield. Are you trusting your worldly possessions to a professional organisation with the experience you need, or a bunch of cowboys who’ve wrangled together a few mates to throw your stuff in the back of a hire truck? Ask these quick questions to weed out those fly-by-nighters from the real deal!

Do you have insurance?

This is a biggy. All reputatable removalists in Melbourne must have both public liability insurance (protection for damage to people or property) and transit insurance (in the event of the truck crashing, your goods are covered by the company.) Companies that can’t give you a clear answer on this should be avoid. Little Red Trucks also offers a guarantee of repair – you can check out our Terms & Conditions to find out more about it.

What does your price include/exclude?

Many removalists in Melbourne will advertise a very tempting hourly rate only to surprise you on the day of the move with a bunch of hidden extras – GST, fuel surcharges, fees for stairs, the list can go on and on! So always ask you removalist if there are any charges not included in the hourly rate before you make a booking. A good mover will be crystal clear on everything you need to know and be upfront about potential costs.

Can you guarantee an arrival time?

Some companies will leave you waiting all day saying something like ‘we’ll be there sometime before 2pm’ or ‘some time this afternoon.’ No one wants to waste more of their moving day waiting around for disorganised movers. At Little Red Trucks, we lock in arrival windows with you during your booking, we confirm them with you the day before your move, and our removalists will still call you on the day to let you know they’re on their way. We always keep you in the loop, because we understand how valuable your time is!

Can I help out?

Some companies have strict policies on only their staff being allowed to move things in and out of the truck, so if it’s important for you to be able to minimise the cost of a move, be sure to find out if you can help on the day. Here at Little Red Trucks, if you’re keen to save time (and money!) then you’re more than welcome to help our men load and unload your Little Red Truck.

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