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Moving House Melbourne

Plan ahead

The earlier you organise your move the better! Fridays and Saturdays are very popular moving days, so book early to guarantee your preferred date.
Moving from/to an apartment? Give your building manager a heads up ahead of time and book the building lifts for the duration of the move. We can provide our public liability insurance certificate via email if required.

Pack smart

Always use good quality boxes. You can purchase these from most self storage companies, along with other handy packing stuff such as cushioning materials that will help protect your belongings during a move.

Make sure your boxes are securely sealed using professional packing tape, which is a wide, strong, clear or brown tape. Masking tape is not strong enough to support the weight of a fully packed carton.

Pack heavy items into small boxes and avoid overloading.

Clearly label all boxes, and don’t forget to note which room in the new property you’d like them placed in.

Be sure to highlight fragile boxes so we know to take extra special care!

As a green alternative to cardboard boxes, you may want to check out

Wrap it up

Wrap any particularly fragile items like TVs, glass and soft wood using original boxes where possible.

Consider using protective plastic covers for beds and couches. These are available at most self storage companies.

Pull the plug

Unplug all electrical equipment before we arrive. Items such as TVs, computers and stereo systems should have their leads taped up.

Please ensure your fridge is turned off, defrosted, towel dried and empty prior to your move.

We’re happy to disconnect your washing machine for you, but keep in mind this can take time during the move.

Break it down

Certain items like beds and flatpacked furniture are more easily transported when they have been disassembled. We can do this for you on the day, but dismantling these items prior to our arrival will save you time and money.

Empty all drawers, cupboards, and filing cabinets.

We ask that certain objects such as swing sets, cubby houses, trampolines, and built in fixtures are dismantled by you in preparation for moving.

De-pot larger plants from their pots into planter bags. This is the best way to protect your plants and your pots during transport.

Those Ikea constructions you put together in your current house – can they fit out the door? Can they fit in the new place? Have a think about it, and make plans to dismantle them if not.

Make way

If possible, save a parking space out front for your Little Red Truck.

Clear the hallways so we have easy access in and out of your property, and chock open all doors.

Remember to have the keys for your new place on hand!

Keep the cost down

Little Red Trucks is a time based service, and you only pay for the time you use on the day. Anything that makes the job go faster saves you money, so you (or an army of your nearest and dearest!) are more than welcome to help out as much as you like with your move. If you’d prefer to leave it all in our hands, that’s fine too – Little Red Truckers are highly trained to ensure your move runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Just want a quick estimate?

Want a quick idea of how much your move with us will be? Just fill out this easy form and we’ll get back to you in 30 minutes or less* with a quick estimate (*in business hours of course).

You can also call us here at LRT HQ:

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