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Little Red Trucks, a Moving Company in Melbourne

A little bit about Little Red Trucks…

We’ve previously been featured in ‘The Age’ – you can read the article here

Little Red Trucks is a pioneer of small removals in Melbourne – starting as a couple of young guys and a van and quickly growing into one of Melbourne’s favourite removalists with a reputation for super friendly customer service and downright amazing moving abilities.

LRT’s moving adventures began back in 2004 when starving student and musician Joel Griffith teamed up with fellow rocker Simon Edwards in a beaten up old van to help move other starving students and musicians around inner Melbourne. Back then your choices when needing to move house in Melbourne were sketchy dudes in a lumbering truck or bribing your mates with beers to help you out. Joel and Simon’s no-fuss, last-minute moving service seemed to come as welcome relief to hundreds of moving Melbournians.

What began as a beer-money enterprise soon garnered a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best value removalists and the boys were inundated with people needing to move just about anything around Melbourne. The tactic of exclusively employing fellow budding rockstars worked a treat in Joel and Sime being able to replicate their unique blend of ‘charming muso’s with tetris skills’.

Looking to further set their unique brand of customer service apart from a ‘man and van’ trend, Joel and Simon traded their dodgy white vans for couple of little trucks and painted them their own brand of ‘Blinding Red’ and so was born the now widely known Little Red Trucks.

Today, with a fleet of shiny trucks, a wonderful group of bright young things manning the moves and phones, Little Red Trucks is one of Melbourne’s most recognized moving companies servicing hundreds of happy customers every week. Despite being a whole lot bigger than the original two hungry muso’s and a van, the same spirit of providing ridiculously good service at awesome prices still applies as Little Red Trucks goes about moving all kinds of Melbourne.

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