5 tips for choosing the best removalists in Melbourne

It seems there are about 90 million Melbourne removalists these days – but how can you tell who’s legit, and who will take you and your stuff for a ride? Here are five quick tips to picking the best mover in Melbourne.

Beware the cheap hourly rate

Sometimes when it sounds too good to be true, it really is. When searching for the right Melbourne removalist, you’ll come across more than a few companies with extremely low hourly rates, which can be tempting. It’s worth keeping in mind though that sometimes those rates aren’t inclusive of everything that should be covered – like proper insurance, well-serviced trucks, or trained staff who are being paid correctly. Some removalists aren’t up-front about their charging and will add on top of the hourly rate extra fees for GST, petrol, stairs, long walks, etc. Always ask a mover exactly what is and isn’t covered in the hourly rate they advertise.

Read their online reviews

Some Melbourne removalists will tell you all sorts of things when trying to get your business, but the best way of being able to tell if the removalists you’re talking to are the real deal is to check out their reviews online – just Google the company name and see what pops up! If the majority of people sing their praises and talk about how quickly and efficiently moves are completed, you’re probably onto a good thing. Are there repeated claims of dodgy behaviour or jobs being dragged out by unscrupulous removalists so as to make your job more expensive? Steer clear! In addition, it’s hard to go past good ol’ word of mouth. Ask around at work or amongst family to see if they can recommend anyone… and then check that company’s reviews online!

Get the right sized vehicle

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to choosing the right moving truck for you – the last thing you want to be left with on moving day is a heap of heavy items that couldn’t fit in the truck you chose because you ran out of room.

A great moving company will get an itemised list of what you’re needing to transport and from there, they’ll be able to give you suggestions for the most appropriate vehicle option. If you find yourself on the borderline of a size limit, it’s probably a good idea to either have a back-up plan in case everything doesn’t fit (for instance, leaving the loading of smaller items like boxes until last so if they don’t fit, you can take them in the car) or getting the next size up in a truck. On the upside, larger trucks are often quicker to pack than smaller ones so often you’ll end up paying the same as the removalists will have it loaded more quickly than a smaller, more tightly packed van.

Customer service counts

Today there are literally hundreds of options and competition is stronger than ever. That means you can and should expect the best in terms of customer service. And how you’re treated before your move is often a great indication of how you’ll be treated when your move is actually underway! From the moment you first place an enquiry with a moving company, you should expect a professional outfit.. You’re about to literally invite this business into your home to move your belongings so it’s essential that you feel comfortable with them! A company that prides itself with great customer service from the get go is the kind of removalist you want taking care of your stuff.

Ask your removalist about insurance

A decent removalist company should have both transit insurance (which covers your goods if the truck has an accident while your goods are in the back) and public liability insurance. In particular, you’ll find that when moving into apartment buildings with building managers that you’ll need to show proof that the removalist moving you in have public liability coverage. If your moving company doesn’t have the right insurances, it’s just not worth the risk.

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